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A lumpectomy (also called a partial mastectomy) is a breast cancer surgery that removes a tumor plus a normal margin of surrounding healthy breast tissue. Healthcare providers consider lumpectomy to be breast-conserving surgery because it leaves your natural breast intact, compared to a mastectomy, which is removal of the entire breast. Usually, following lumpectomy surgery, radiation to the breast tissue is recommend to help prevent cancer regrowth in the breast.

Who needs a lumpectomy?

You may be a candidate for a lumpectomy if:

-Cancer only affects one area of your breast.

-A tumor is relatively small compared to your breast size

-Your provider is confident you will have enough remaining tissue to reshape your breast after removing the tumor.

-You are able to complete radiation therapy

When is lumpectomy not an option?

Your healthcare provider may not recommend a lumpectomy for several reasons. If you have multiple tumors in one breast or have a large cancer, you may not be a candidate for this procedure.

For most people, radiation therapy follows a lumpectomy. If your provider recommends you not receive radiation therapy or you do not want radiation, a lumpectomy may not be right for you. Providers may want you to avoid radiation if you received radiation therapy for previous breast cancer in the same breast or are currently pregnant.

Your provider may also advise against a lumpectomy and radiation if you have:

-A genetic mutation (change) that increases your odds of having breast cancer again.

-Inflammatory breast cancer

-Lupus or another medical condition that raises your risk of radiation therapy side effects.

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