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Lipoma treatment

Lipomas are common, noncancerous, fatty tissue growths under the skin. They rarely require treatment, as they are benign and not harmful.

Lipomas are noncancerous, fatty tissue growths that slowly develop under your skin.People of any age can develop a lipoma.Lipomas are very common.

They’re classified as benign growths, or tumors, of fatty tissue. This means a lipoma is not cancerous and is rarely harmful.

You should call a healthcare professional if you notice any changes in your skin. A lipoma can look very similar to a liposarcoma, a rare cancer.

The cause of lipomas is largely unknown.

There may be a genetic cause in people with multiple lipomas. Around 2 to 3 percent of people who develop a lipoma have a family history of the condition.

Some research suggests that lipomas may develop in an area where an injury has caused a significant impact.

A lipoma will generally:

-feel soft to the touch

-move easily if prodded with your finger

-be just under the skin

-be colorless

-grow slowly

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